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Default Audio interface quality question for direct recording guitar

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about upgrading my audio interface an (OLD M-Audio mobile pre)
I only record one track at a time and do not mic a cab.
I plug straight in to the M-Audio and use Revalver amp/cab plugins in Reaper.
There is nothing wrong with my audio interface but just wondering if upgrading to a better/newer interface will have any advantages or improvements over the one I presently have. I understand that it would if I was micing a cab but I only record direct and using amp cab sims. Another reason I'm considering an upgrade is simply G.A.S lol

I also record in to a Lenovo desktop, 2nd gen i3 cpu with 8GB ram (I know I'll need to upgrade soon LOL)

I'm still a NEWB so my question might be silly.
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