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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
its still slowing the project down upon startup - so its not a memory leak seeing as how Ive restarted since....

if you want the project I can send it, but the entire folder is huge. or is it just not applicable since your latest version is different?
i took ver.0.5, switched on all settings in script to consume as much as possible, opened a project with 200 tracks and almost 300 fx (half of them are offlined, but it doesn't matter, as script still counts them and gets all the data for them too) and played with it for 20 minutes, tried to add different fx instances, like Kontakt and others, total cpu in reaper's performance meter was around 80-95% on my i5-2500k, RAM gets increased a bit with time, but that's not because of script, it's REAPER itself, probably some undo data and other stuff, tried to drag arrange view, scroll, zoom , etc. during playback and it still behaves pretty normal without very noticable visual bugs or slowdowns.

What exactly you was doing, when it happened? how many tracks/fx, and what your REAPER's performance meter shows ?

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