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Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
This links to software that makes X32 work with Reaper but does not use OSCII-bot.
Well... ummm.... thanks?

I've kinda gone down that road and this road, and those led me to use ReaScript, which is why I was asking about OSCIIBot... something that I thought was script-able.

Originally Posted by goldenarpharazon View Post
Based on the X32's OSC implementation then this thread explains how to get OSCII-bot running. Then you would need to adapt or write a suitable script for X32
That's where I originally started in order to get OSCIIBot installed. I got all kinds of discombobulated trying to follow the text for the Peavey Studio Mix setup, to the point that I got lost (mind you that I didn't have the X32 console with me to go step-by-step through it all... finding time to experiment on the console is a challenge so I have to get things set up well in advance or its a wasted session).
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