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Default How to update a parameter from Process()?

I would like to export the gain value from a gate plugin so a host can record it as automation data (as a control signal for other tracks, plugins, etc).

1) I have added a parameter to the plugin parameter enum list called "ksidechainsig"

2) I have set up a parameter in the constructor like this: GetParam(ksidechainsig)->InitDouble("Gate signal", 0.5, 0.0, 1.0, .01, "");

3) And I output a data point once per Process call using this: InformHostOfParamChange(ksidechainsig, gategain);

This approach is working great on most hosts but crashes Cakewalk/SONAR. The plugin passes a signal when idle but crashes with "stack overflow" the instant PLAY is initiated (please see attached screenshot from debugger). If I comment out "InformHostOfParamChange()" the plugin works perfectly otherwise.

What is causing this - and why only in Cakewalk? Is it a bug in MY code or in Cakewalk?
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