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Default Speed up render time x3 or even more? ["Hack" Discussion]

Last night I did a real test with a long recording (stereo file on a single track) with a hefty fx chain.

Test1: Render Main output* - Render time: ~1:00 hr, Render Speed: ~2x
Test2: Render selected Track as Stem - Render time: ~1:00 hr, Render Speed ~2x
*no fx chain on the Master

I then duplicated the exact same track TWICE, so I ended up with 3 identical tracks, same source media, same hefty fx chain.

Test3: Render 3 selected tracks as Stems - Render time: ~1:10 hr, Render Speed: ~1.7x

I looked at windows resources monitor, and it looks like it distributes processing across the cores efficiently, with it being 3 different tracks, not a real surprise, I guess.

That got me thinking: if I cut the original 2hr file in 2 or 3 segments (so 2x1hr or 3x40min), and maybe leave room for a little overlap/crossfade and put them together later, that would essentially result in a 2 or 3x faster render of the whole file. Right?

Is there any way Reaper could have rendering options so it would be able to do this (optionally, behind the curtains, invisibly) automatically?

For people that regularly work with long files (podcasts, live recordings, mastering..) this would significantly speed up the workflow.

Notes: I know this would only work for tracks without time based effects
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