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Hi there

Ok thanks. Yeah the reason Im looking at this is cos I just bought a steelseries arctis 7 digital wireless headphone set that has 16ms latency. Tbh it's really good. Theres no noise as its lossless digital and the latency is unoticeable to me.Sound quality is great too and hifi quality. Great bass, mids and highs. Only thing though is its closed backed so very punchy and hence difficult to judge the sound.(Samson's are open backed) in relation to my studio monitors.

Hence I'm wondering if the rf system above would be better as I can then just carry on using my open backed reference headphones which I'm used to - though if noise is as bad as you say and also bandwidth isn't good then maybe that would negate any positives of being able to use a reference quality headphone?

What do you think? Try the rf system as well? (a lot of hassle ordering, getting all the cables, testing etc.) or do you think it's best just sticking with the arctis 7 which tbh is pretty good in most respects.

The above system is my max budget really so cant afford a higher spec one

Many thanks, all advice much appreciated

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