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I'm having trouble figuring out how to get a bunch of nested functions to reference to the correct parameters while oversampling. I'm not sure if this can even be done exactly this way. If not, I'd love to hear suggestions. I'm not very advanced with coding, and JS is the only language I (somewhat) know.

The issue is with assigning the fixed parameters (red text) for each filter, that should then be referenced to from the nested functions. There are multiple hp-filters and multiple calls from the oversampled section.

The way I observe "this.." call to work is this:
this.param1 -> first.second.third.param1
this..param1 -> first.second.param1

So the root level ("first") is always included. Problem is that the root function title is different when creating the parameter and when executing the "hp-run" function.
"first.this.third.param1" would solve the issue, but it doesn't work, "this" can only be in the beginning.

So, how do I create the fixed parameters in multiple "hp-init" functions that can be called from the nested "hp-run" function?
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