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Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
Right. But that doesn't mean the end user has to worry about it. Requiring adjusting things from the script and ALSO requiring that I adjust things in the layout feels clunky and counter-intuitive when it "could" all be done in one place.
Right, yes - this is what I was initially trying to do. And I agree, but the problem is that the script cannot do it all in one place. To be a meaningful interaction, a control needs to know a) its current setting, and b) the effect it will have upon interaction, and convey both those things to the user. But.


The script doesn't know what size Reaper is currently drawing a layout. So if you want to change to, say 150%_A, the script can't demand that Reaper does that, because it doesn't know whether 150% is even available, because it doesn't know what size Reaper is drawing at. Even worse, if (more likely) you want to change to 'B but don't change the size' the script can't even ask for for the correct layout.

The script doesn't know these things, but the layout menu etc do. So for this stuff to make sense to the user, it seems it must be done in Reaper, and not the script. Its looking like, I'm afraid, that is the inevitable conclusion.

However, I can and do communicate things like 'you have a track selected that is A' or 'B is the default layout', so is there a way I could do that better that would make dealing with all this easier?

Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
maybe it could go to horizontal meters if that would be easier to see.

That's what it does. Is this not what you are seeing? Please confirm, because there's already been a long conversation about grid lines in this thread that turned out to be a Reaper bug that I don't get.

Originally Posted by MaXyM View Post
Maybe it's the time to say 'it's wrong way' to how Reaper does it'.
No it isn't; I'm afraid my task is to use the tools I'm given, whether I agree with your views on it or not. Though FWIW I don't.

HiDPI for Reaper is the big graphics development currently happening, and has been for some time now, and I would certainly not expect another big ticket UI feature for V6, because it is a huge task and far from finished. And please understand that absolutely none of it is my decision.
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