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Originally Posted by Kenny Gioia View Post
While that's definitely my goal, I think it's also important to realize that many people are going to download REAPER and just start using it. And those people IMHO must be catered to with the Default layout and the Default theme as many of them will never change it. EVER!

The next level being people that will watch my videos followed by many of you who have no need and can figure out what you want anyway.
True - tho as developer or designer i'd expend as little energy as possible on a transient uninvested contrary bunch of folk who will never be satisfied.

Just focus laser like on good long form design, which I think WT is attempting, and new users will be catered for plenty enough automatically due to facing something well designed.

As a well designed car interior will take 30 seconds to familiarize.
(Apologies for car analogy!)

I don't get why experienced users have such concern for these apparant 'unable' new users.

We were all new and survived just fine. If you don't survive then its an individual's inclination issue, or a personal preference, and rarely reaper's fault.

Hiding features 'blanket' with the aim of helping, has been tried with prefs, themes, custom menus, custom configs.. & Never really works.

Hiding in context is another ball game however and I def see a benefit there.
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