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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post

The black slit on knobs is Reaper's code pointer. I cannot change its size. I could replace the knob with a bitmap stack created knob stack, but every one of those I use increases the loading time of the theme, increases memory usage, complicates modding and forces me to make unanswerable judgements about image load vs. display accuracy. Either way, I am reserving judgement on this until the in-progress HiDPI functionality is more mature.
Thanks for the reply.
As for the display acc, I am actually always reading the numbers anyway if, I need to know the exact'ness of "perfection of science, pan rotation is about visual ballpark of, there I am'isch (speaking for myself)
Was gonna say, If it is all about the size/MB'thingie per image then maby use 8-bit images or summit, but they are, it looks like.
I have yet to experience REAPER slow with any theme, using or starting, SSD though.
Anyway, *roger that* and thanks for having it in mind.
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