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These are some lufs measurements I measured and use for reference. I'm typically at 13.5 lufs for my work as I can hear a difference at 12 with less dynamics happening. What's cool to me is a great sounding song in my book David Lee Roth, Yankee Rose, -14.8

Boston, Rock and Roll Band, -12 to -11 to -9.5
Donald Fagen, Morph the Cat, H Gang -20.5 to -17.6
Richard Marx, Hazard -20 to -14.1 to -12.8
Shania, WIM, You win my love, -14 to -12
Supertramp, Logical Song, -16.5 to -13 to -11
Rush, Moving Pictures,YYZ -19
Rush, La Villa Strangiata, -16
Pink Floyd, Time, -10 .5
Rush, Test for Echo, -9.8, -8.4
Shania, When, -9
Scorpions, Stone in my shoe, -8.2
Pink Floyd, The Wall, Run like Hell, -16.8
David Lee Roth, Ladies Night, -17
David Lee Roth, Tobacco Road, -14
David Lee Roth, Yankee Rose, -14.8
Boz Scaggs, JoJo, -14 to -12.0
Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer, -8.5
Ac/DC, Back in Black, -11 to -8.5
Ac/DC, Let there be Rock, -12 to -11
Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Space, -12 to -7.5
Dixie Chicks, I Like it, -8
Dixie Chicks, Little Jack Slade, -12 to -11
Aerosmith, Sweet Emotion, -14 to -13
Aerosmith, Jaded, -9
Aerosmith, Love in an Elevator, -8
Aerosmith, Back in the Saddle, -13
Alice Cooper, Poison, -9.5 to -7.2
Spyro Gyra, Special Delivery, -9
Spyro Gyra, De La Luz, -11
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