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No wonder so much stuff on Youtube sounds so bad...
Loudness adjustment doesn't damage sound quality, it simply adjusts the volume.

I just wish the streaming services would document their processing.
They do use lossy compression* (AAC?) and depending on the uploaded format you can end-up with a lossy-to-lossy conversion. Or if you steal (record) music from YouTube and you make an MP3 or other lossy format, you can end-up with 3 generations of lossy compression!

Of course, YouTube is a "service" and THEY are in control. And their customers (the real customers that pay the bills) are the advertisers, not the users.

You don't have to use YouTube if you don't like it.

Or if you are a content producer and you DO have to be on YouTube, you can also have your own website, etc., so you don't have to completely at their mercy.

* That's file compression, not dynamic compression.
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