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Originally Posted by Fortunato View Post
Actually, this was the same thing that scared me off from it at first. I'll admit, it's a very intimidating interface. After messing with it for a while, however, I've found it extremely powerful. I'm a good way through building a full patch bank for it that serves my goals (ie lead synths, poly synths, bass, pads). More powerful than superwave or analog warfare (though they have important uses too and both have wonderful guis).
i agree crystal presents a very powerful set of tools but it still retains a very thin and weedy sound. i used to spend hours programming patches with it and i generally found i would always have to use all 3 oscillators to prevent it from sounding too weedy. of course, you don't always want a big fat sound that takes a huge chunk of the frequency range in your track, but i generally found it to sound fairly 'thin'. i ended up deleting it because now and again i would get very high cpu spiking that i couldn't find the cause of. it was usually when i was using the mseg's but i couldn't definitely pinpoint it.
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