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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
Blade, I know most of what is in Oatmeal including all the oscillator mojo that is under the hood When I find something I like I tend to dive in deep and get close and personal with it. I used to have a DX7 (sold it a few years ago) and I think I'm one of the very few people that was actually a certified FM sound engineer (did a FM programming course at the Rotterdam Conservatory back in the days).

It's a pitty I can't find a good freeware 6 osc FM-synth that I like so far but I can always fall back on FM7 if needed

Oh, and before you point me to them: I really like the big FM synths by Odo but they have 'issues'
lol! i'll shut up then! you could probably tell me a thing or two about oatmeal!

have you heard of Hexter? it's a free 6 osc FM synth. never used it myself but have heard good things about it.
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