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update ...

I found how to add an EMPTY Item into a selected Region that looks
to allow having FX's ... I'm just not getting the Audio to route into
this Empty Item.

Also ... it might have been confusing trying to describe what I'm looking to do. Apologies ...

A way of thinking about it ...

Using multiple Tracks [as Busses] to separate processes and spread the CPU load.

I'm looking for a way to have an FX plugin 'container', that is located in the same Region [for that specific Song].

I know I can BUSS to a new Track, and use the Track for Efx inserts ... I do that too ... but,

If I have multiple Songs, each needing a different Limiter/setting [for example], it would be a much cleaner workflow to place those [limiters] in that Song's Region.

Hope that make more sense

Any ideas how to do this ??

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