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I have not done an update on my macbook pro for quite some time. And I have read that I should not do this until steinberg released new drivers compatible with 64 bit computing (or something like this)., So,..I just read a news release from Yamaha that they are no longer going to support the MR.. Which, I think must be code for "your'e screwed". Am I wrong? So my question is,.. does this mean I either buy different interfaces? or never update my apple software again? I don't use computer much, and my day job is construction,.. So I am not as "in the loop" as most people. Anyway, anybody who could explain this..I would appreciate it. At the time I thought I was buying quite good interfaces, from a very reputable company. But it's starting to look like Yamaha is not about to make it work.
Latest driver release was 6.nov-19. Take a look at:
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