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Default duh...

the windows version needed recompiling cuz its was 0.1 orsomething and didnt had the status user in the config for i toke the source for linux 0.2 and compiled it with vc++6 and thats what dirmass used... about the linux version just add those id/pw to the config file and compile the linux version out of the box... should work fine! Justin did a awesome job!
O ya and the php page needed a change due it was written for php5+, and we running i you have php5- yo will need to change it.

change: parse.php
function nj_makepasshash($user, $pass, $challenge)
$s = pack("H*", sha1($user . ":" . $pass));
return (pack("H*", sha1($s.$challenge)));

good luck :P

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