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Originally Posted by solger View Post
Or is there any info elsewhere about the necessary steps to do this?
The easiest way is to make sure it has a valid ReaPack header commented at the top (look at any ReaPack script's code for an example) and then upload it to the appropriate folder on the ReaTeam repo (/Project Properties probably). I'm not sure if you need to be given permission first... that would be a question for cfillion.

Alternatively, I can do it for you.

Interesting. I'll have to check this again (perhaps I didn't have the latest version of your GUI library installed on OSX??)
It's been there for ages - GUI.font multiplies the font size by 0.7 if you're on OSX.

I had an issue here on OSX where the y-position of the selection rectangle was off when selecting elements further down in the listbox.
Weird. Does that issue happen in the Listbox example script?
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