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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
I re-installed Crystal but for me it is still more of a preset machine (there are wonderfull presets in there though) but I like to program my own sounds and with Crystal I don't know where to start. Point is of course that this is bound to the real potential of it so it will probably stay in my arsenal. If so I'll add it to the list for sure.
Actually, this was the same thing that scared me off from it at first. I'll admit, it's a very intimidating interface. After messing with it for a while, however, I've found it extremely powerful. I'm a good way through building a full patch bank for it that serves my goals (ie lead synths, poly synths, bass, pads). More powerful than superwave or analog warfare (though they have important uses too and both have wonderful guis).

As far as tweakbench, same kinda thing. They have wonderful granulators and things, though, and really with a synth it's more about the sound than the interface.

Besides, as time goes on I like the ultra-simple white-on-color layout more and more
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