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Originally Posted by technogremlin View Post
Today I set out to select a few reverbs from the big list I have and bring it down to a functional selection. This was way more work then I anticipated but fun nevertheless... took me several hours A/B-ing all the reverbs with a clean drumloop and a dry vocal track.

I also took the CPU-load for each plugin into consideration. Below I'm mentioning CPU-load for each reverb so to put that in perspective take a look at my signature for my hardware specs. Also keep in mind that 'sound' is largely a subjective thing so my 'taste' in plugins might not be yours... your milage may vary and all such... well, you get my drift

--- the test results ---

RoomMachine 844: Gave some nice coloring on vocals but to muddy sounding on drums. [4% CPU]

Classic Reverb: Gave some colouring on vocals and a usefull back-fill on drums, sounded mediocre overall [3.7% CPU]

Epic Reverb: Very clean and airy sounding on both vocals and drums but at a price (high CPU-load), very usefull as a buss-reverb and for 'gelling' during mastering [11.2% CPU]

Freeverb: Usefull colouring on both vocals and drums, very useful for channel-fx especially because it's very low CPU-load (quality switch lowers load while still sounding rather good) [3% - 1.8% CPU]

Glaceverb: Gave me scattering echoes in the tail, because of that not nice on vocals but surprisingly usable on drums [4.9% CPU]

Karma reverb: sounded cheap and dull on both vocals and drums, and no low CPU-load to even it out [5.8% CPU]

Antress Flashverb: With only three controls quite hard to use (no presets bundle either), to basic for vocals but gave some nice air to the drums [7.7% CPU]

Breebaard's Omniverb: Added some clean space to the vocals, gave a coloured sound to the drums [2.7% CPU]

Sweet Boy Reverb: Gives a very useful clean and airy sound to both vocals and drums at the lowest CPU-load of them all [1.9% CPU]

Wurr Audio reverb: sounded dull and useless for serious mixing for both vocals and drums [4.4% CPU]

Antress Spacer: Sounded OK-ish on the vocals but is absolutely FAT! on drums (need that 80's booming drums, this is it) [7% CPU]

Anwida reverb: a long time favorite, sound clean with a nice ambiance on both vocals and drums but very little control over the sound [3.1% CPU]

Ambience: not really freeware but I tested it anyway, sounds absolutely stunning on everything with loads of control over the sound but is a CPU-hog [10.3% CPU] NOTE: it has a CPU-load setting but below 6% CPU it sounds absolutely TERRIBLE

TAL Reverb: very nice and characteristic sounding (Plate) on both vocals and drums but at a price [9% CPU]

Reverbering: Somewhat useful on drums but GREAT sounding small rooms on vocals, and low CPU to boot [2.9% CPU]

--- My selection ---

The main go-to reverbs:

1. EpicVerb: My new favorite. I will use this mainly for finalizing a mix.
2. Freeverb: Nice colouring and low CPU, my main reverb for inserts

The additional reverbs for specific applications:

3. Roommachine 844: has a nice character to it, especially for vocals
4. Nusofting Reverbering: specifically small rooms for vocals
5. Antress Spacer: FAT drums !!!

... and the runner-up:

6. Sweet Boy reverb: clean sounding with just 1.9% CPU I can stick this in a mix anywhere I need it.

Going to add my selection with download links to the OP later tonight
Should look into SIR. I use it for most of my reverb needs. Not free, but cheap is the Audio damage adverb.
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