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Originally Posted by AudioWonderland View Post
Should look into SIR. I use it for most of my reverb needs. Not free, but cheap is the Audio damage adverb.
I have SIR1, works for me for convolution verbs. Didn't list it because so far I focussed on algorithm-verbs. I seldom use convolution verbs, only when I need something very specific. It's much easier for me to dial in a reverb with an algorithm-verb then go hunting through several hundreds of impulse files.

Originally Posted by mabian View Post
About sample players, please consider that sfz+ has severe issues when used in multiple instances in multicore systems.

SFZ has similar issues, but there's an updated version around that has this fixed.

Of course SFZ+ has more features, but cannot be used only in one instance on modern systems.
Actually I don't have such issues at all. I always start from the assumption that there are no silver bullet solutions. So I don't mind work-arounds where needed. Same as with convolution verbs I also very seldom use soundfonts (although I have a nice collection). It is almost unthinkable that I would use more then one in a song and even if that would happen and I run in to a problem I just render a stem and switch the plugin off-line. No big deal for me (and a great use of Reaper-functionality).
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