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Originally Posted by Wino Bob View Post
This is perfect info guys - thanks.

I won't be getting into creating electronic sounds anytime soon. Basically looking for those well know sounds (bass/guitar/drums/keys) to record my own stuff - changing the lyrics is about as creative as I get . . .

Guess I'm looking for a sampler for starters - seems like Kontakt is very well known - Komplete may be more than I can handle right now. I'll look around at sample libraries. Any pitfalls (or downright junk) that I should be aware of? (this would be the; if it seems too good to be true type of stuff).

Thanks again, I appreciate it
Start with the free versions of Kontakt and SampleTank I linked to above. You will have drums, bass, organs, piano, I think guitar, plus there are inbuilt effects like amps and stomp box type effects as well. There is plenty to be going on with in those free samples. Kontakt is the "industry standard", but SampleTank is good value and has plenty of satisfied customers. Demo them both to see which you prefer, or maybe you'll decide there's enough in the free samples.
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