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Originally Posted by Wino Bob View Post
Well I pulled the trigger and downloaded Kontakt 5 and the Factory library. Funny thing, when I was looking at the NI site a few days ago, there were 7 (groups/patches/samples . . sorry, don't know the lingo yet) included in the library. I had already downloaded the 111 page documentation that included all 7.

But when it came down to actually downloading the sounds(?) . . there were only 5. And two of the three I were most interested in (Choir/Orchestral)were not there . . . hummmm.

I'm also looking at SampleTank and the Sennheiser drum set (ummm is that German??)

Thanks for all the suggestions and help (I'm sure I'll be back)
I guess you've already bought and paid for full Kontakt5?
Or just downloaded the "player"?
You can (or could, if things have changed?) get a very substantial discount on Kontakt5 by using ownership of a qualifying Kontakt instrument package. Drum Mica counted as a qualifying commercial software, despite being free. You could then "crossgrade" to Kontakt5.

Full version: 339.00 "Crossgrade" from KONTAKT-based third-party products: 209.00, this combined with the 50% off Summer sale brought it down to a more wallet friendly 104.

Drum Mica is indeed German on Sennheisers website. The program itself is in English.
Use translator software like Google to guide you.

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