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Originally Posted by Wino Bob View Post
I guess you've already bought and paid for full Kontakt5?
Or just downloaded the "player"?
You can (or could, if things have changed?) get a very substantial discount on Kontakt5 by using ownership of a qualifying Kontakt instrument package. Drum Mica counted as a qualifying commercial software, despite being free. You could then "crossgrade" to Kontakt5.

No, I just downloaded as much 'free' stuff as I could (Kontackt 5 Player and the Free library). IO also signing up for Native Access (not sure what that's worth if I'm only getting free stuff).

I read about crossgrade and the summer sales, but I'm a bit over my head right now and was not understanding what that really meant - live and learn.

Suggest you start with all the Sample Tank 3 free sounds and Kontakt5 freebies with Drum Mica (which you need to register).
Then also download some of the freebie synths. Read the best free VST lists (there are loads of them, even here) just google!

Native Access is not about freebies, though you will need to register the NI freebies in Native Access. It is anti piracy tool for their commercial products.
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