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Originally Posted by Wino Bob View Post
I've opened up the Kontakt player from my program files and; 1)there is nothing listed on the left-hand side, 2) when I click Libraries, nothing shows, 3) when I click on Files, I can follow the path all the way from the C drive to the libraries, click on a library (e.g., Band), move to the next panel down, pick an instrument (e.g., E-10 piano) and it populates the right side of the player screen.

So, the two questions are 1) is this what I have to do each time I want to pick an instrument? ...
Did you also download and install the Kontakt Factory Selection (which will for instance show up under [Libraries])?:

In general, loading instruments is done either via the [Libraries], [Files] or [Database] Tabs (although it depends on the Instrument if it will also show up under [Libraries]).
But you can also put instruments into the Quickload panel for faster access (which can be seen in the video starting at around 6:44):

General info about the Kontakt Player can be found in the included manuals and guides - accessible via 'Help > Open Manual'.

... and 2)if so, how pull that sample in the Kontakt player (e.g., E-10 piano)into Reaper?
Basically you play the loaded instrument by using an external MIDI keyboard or by clicking on the Virtual (MIDI) Keyboard from either Kontakt or Reaper. And record the Audio Output onto the Track.

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