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Originally Posted by solger View Post
OK, and the Kontakt Player is also not listed under [All Plugins]?

On second thought, since the screenshots you posted only show the Standalone version of the Kontakt Player:

Is the install folder where the Kontakt Player plugin files (.dll) are located already listed in the VST Plugin path under Preferences > Plug-Ins > VST?

- If the correct folder is already listed --> click on the [Clear cache/re-scan] button and see if the Kontakt Player plugin shows up now
- If not --> [Add...] the path to this folder there, so Reaper can find the Kontakt Player plugin
1. correct - the Kontact player was not listed.
2. it was not listed correctly, it is now listed with the .dll containing file path.
3. Reaper now shows Kontakt player in Preferences > Plug-Ins > VST - as three options: Kontakt 5 (Native Instruments GmbH) (8 out/16 out/64 out) - I'm not sure what the 8/16/64 mean?

So, I can; a)pull the Kontack player into Reaper, b)select a Library/instrument, c)play the Kontakt virtual keyboard and get both the sound through my monitor speakers, and also see the signal in a new track (with some possible latency??).
However, I still cannot produce the Kontkt instrument sound, nor see a signal from my midi keyboard (only the keyboard sound through the keyboard speakers).
but we're getting closer . .
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