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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
Reapack 1.2.2 seems to require somewhat more current gcc libraries than some distros have. If your distro uses version 7.3.0 it will probably work, since it does for me.
I've always hated it when software has dependencies that can break it when one of the other ten people's code it needs to run changes. That's why I avoid SWS and ReaPack.

When I was still a developer, I made all my executable modules self contained in the .exe file, or by including any needed support files right in the same folder. It could run on any drive from any location, with a path set or without one. No hooks at all in the registry either, as I created my own .ini files and kept them in the self contained folder. It kept support calls at bay, and made transferring the whole app and all it's data to another machine or another folder a simple matter of copying the self contained folder. Kinda like how REAPER works.
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