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Hi Sammy
I am using this song as a learning song so I am continuing to develop it.
I want it to really excite so I do need to develop a great rhythm section.
Easier to do in a band of good players.
I wish to educate myself this year on producing my material better.
I think in my guts I have not quite captured the magic of the instrument background yet myself. I am pleased with my lyrics.
I used to be very enthusiastic on the harp it has to be said.
I have found last night a lick I was playing on keyboard (Hammond) that interfered with the vibe, I am in the process of substituting.
I play all instruments except the drums If I had drums I would attempt to play them too I guess most of us would not have the room nor the cash..
Thanks for your comments Sammy and the "original" bit I consider I have always been that, I can always appreciate others work but never escape looking for a new way.
I am looking at the drums this week just getting the vibe with the bass and a couple of other instruments and vocals first.

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