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Hey, what exactly do you mean "analog style"...? I read about simple knobs for control, but what are you trying to accomplish with the Sound? EQs can be in the analog realm and still sound vastly different. You want a fat Pultec style eq, you want a sensitive maybe slightly gritty eq like the SSL? Or maybe an even more sensitive Maag eq? Are you looking to process lows, mids, or highs?

For example, most of my mixes I use a [Waves] Pultec type to work on lows. I use the [Slate Digital] AirEQ for the mids and the filters. I also like the [iZotope] Vintage EQ for mids. And again the AirEq for highs. But, there are lots of good recommendations listed here, any of them should be able to achieve your goal.
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