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Originally Posted by gandsnut View Post
So you mention this is an all-MIDI project in Reaper. As in, no notation, basically? Pretty impressive for the size of the piece.
Thank you. And yes, I don't use notation at all during the writing process. Why? I don't know. Am schooled classically, and know music theory and the likes. Also play different instruments. But for some reason I never use notation. I find it easier, and faster because you can immediately hear a result. Only problem is, I mix up composition and orchestration a whole lot, which usually leads to brain chaos.

Originally Posted by gandsnut View Post
I have been scouring YouTube for composers who say they create w/o notation, and haven't found much to watch. I can easily see Reaper used for loop-based non-serious music is well suited, but orchestral... I'd like to see some demos from people who show how they do that.
You might want to check out, if you haven't already, Guy Michelmore:

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Best luck w/ getting more recognition!
I'm a realist, not seeing that happen really. But, I do have the need to stay creative, hope I don't lose that.
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