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Originally Posted by ahs View Post

money is not the point. but i need good stretching and a convolver reverb.
Stretching in reaper seems to be ideal for what i need it for, for drum loops and other samples, using the time stretch, to extend loops/clips over a small time section works a treat, without any perceived granulising... Again if you are using it as an effect over larger time sections, i get great results too, just as good as other DAW's, i find.

Hold Alt and drag the corner of a clip, if you've never tried it. Check it out.

On Convolution, Reaverb is a quick fix, with a few nice functions, but if you want a particular convolution reverb with more functions, like Macfizz, I'd suggest investing in something commercial. If u have access to a PC & Reaper, have a little think about SIR Reverb.

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