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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
I'm sorry, I don't have time right now to check for myself, but I would temporarily disable the hamming() call and/or change the value of FFT_BUFFER_SIZE, just to see what happens. E.g. with the hamming() call disabled the output should exactly match the input, except it should be delayed by FFT_BUFFER_SIZE. If not, then there is probably something wrong with the rebuffering code. Changing the FFT_BUFFER_SIZE might offer a clue to what is wrong.
The output does match exactly when the hamming is disabled, but the hamming should be correct (it only works through the length of the array that's passed to it, unless it would get a wrong address to start from?), so rather I believe that applying it simply displays an error in the buffer pointers. I'll check the buffer size.

Might have to do a debugger run on arrays of 1.0s again though with these current implementations.
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