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Originally Posted by Tale View Post
I guess you would have to track the input waveform somehow, and e.g. reset your queues at the first zero-crossing or whatever. But this can be troublesome when your audio input isn't a pure sine wave...
Even this doesn't work.

I copied isBufferSilence from vsttestsuite.h and am using it to test for input silence, then calling Reset() immediately when the input is not silent.

However, this doesn't produce the desired results. I'm still seeing the original problem. So is it even about the Reset()? Actually, by erasing the commands from Reset() you can replicate what you thought Reset() does. The alignment when the playhead has been placed at the start of the file is not caused by clearing buffers in Reset().

I'm able to recognize the audio start now. But not sure how to get the processing to sync now, or i.e. start from that point.

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