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Sorting out my EQ-plugins proved to be a fairly easy. I just binned most of the parametric equalisers that where all looking the same (and most sounded the same as well). Result; one real good parametric EQ, one 31-band graphic EQ (if ever I need it) and only a few characteristic ones.

This is what I settled for:

- Electri-Q Posihfopit edition: similar to ReaEQ but with loads of additional functionality
- KarmaFX 31-band graphic EQ: you can 'stack' three and get 93 bands
- TAL Ultra Simple EQ: seems very handy for some 'quick fixes'
- BootEQ mk II: very characteristic sound, definitely more than 'just EQ'
- Push Tec: another one that can do some magic to my mix

Again, OP to be edited later on
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