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Default Do we have place for sharing .ReaperMenuSet files, for sharing toolbars

I could imagine a "database" of toolbars via .ReaperMenuSet files, each having a version number, similar to Reaper, then each having a few general parameters like:

-purpose of toolbar (midi editing, arranging, 4 point editing, lyrics/text, ...)
-number of buttons in toolbar
-changes in each version (which buttons added/removed/replaced)

Over time this could give a nice overview for various workflow strategies. Even together with touchscreen or pen screens, the more powerful toolbars you have the better could be the pen workflow. Having resizable buttons could be useful as well, meaning size per button, then Reaper sorting buttons by size, first all bigger buttons, then smaller. This way you could see quickly visually which buttons are more important for a certain workflow, which are minor detail level stuff.

The dependencies of toolbar content is using anything possible in reaper, sws, reapack, not limiting to only reaper internal actions.
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