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Interesting. I've been on Macs since 2005 and they've been nothing but rock steady reliable for me. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times I've had one crash, and most of that is due to me using untested/unproven third party software & whatnot.

(a few moments later...)

Son of a bitch, I just opened up Reaper, was going to do a quick screen capture of the I notice what I think you're talking about. The faders are mostly smooth, but they do chop around a bit ESPECIALLY when dragging them quickly. I'll be damned. I guess I've just never noticed it before. I don't know if it also did this on my Mini or on the older laptop, I'm on the 15" retina now, same specs as yours it seems. I also wonder if I could force the laptop to use the nVidia card instead of the integrated intel chip if it would change anything...hmm....
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