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Originally Posted by serr View Post
One of the stock "gate keeper" features in OSX is to ask for your system password if you modify the Applications folder, your home folder Library folder, and a few others. Hence needing the password to install any apps.
This simply isn't true. I've only seen this pop-up requesting my password on a handful of apps out of the hundreds I've installed. A couple years ago I saw this box pop up and figured it was for some necessary feature to an app I had installed but it wasn't. The app I had downloaded had been replaced by a hacker with a functional app that also installed a malware onto my system, and the pop-up was the only clue that it was doing this. I had a suspicious feeling and a google search led me to the information that this app had been hacked. I had to re-install my system from scratch to be sure that all traces of the malware were removed.

I suggest to the Reaper devs that they should state why the program is about to ask for privilege elevation.
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