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Originally Posted by Esteban_M View Post
Hi, I've tried messing around with the variables in order to fix this issue but no to avail so I come here asking for help in case no one has reported this yet.

The issue is real simple. In the mixer window, when "Clickable icon for folder tracks to show/hide children" is checked and "ed -- Strip Meter Bridge" is selected as the mixer panel layout, the clickable icon does nothing so even though it is there and works as normal on other mixer layouts it does not for any of the strip layouts.

I'm attaching a screenshot for reference but the issue is as simple as described before. I hope someone can take a look at this, I'll be more than glad to help troubleshoot to get this fixed.

It seems that the foldercomp button in all of the ea-ed strip layouts is
The problem is this: there is not enough room for the foldercomp button
and the track index to live comfortably together in these layouts.
I think since the strip layout is only 20-0dd Px wide,
the foldercomp feature could be considered not necessary, and maybe if it
were me I would just 'rem' it out (turn it off) by placing a semicolon in front of the "set.mcp.folder" command in the rtconfig file
under heading: Layout "ea - Strip" "strip" (All strip layouts inherit their
WALTER from this layout). This would disable the trackcomping feature and
smooshed folder indicator for the strip layouts, but give plenty of room for the track index number. However, I know that your priority is the foldercomp
button, so let's see what we can do.

If we look at the WALTER for the "ea - Strip" layout, we see that
about half way down, there is a piece of code that sets the track index
in front of all other elements.

Layout "ea - Strip" "strip"
set mcp.recmon e##order_recmon
set mcp.fxin e##order_fxin
set mcp.recinput e##order_recinput

front mcp.trackidx <------------

set mcp.label.margin [0 4 0 4 0.5]
set mcp.recinput.color ?recarm [255 255 255] [210 210 210]
set mcp.recinput.margin [0 20 0 4 0.5 0.5]
If we put a semicolon in front of that "Front" command like this:
It will tell REAPER to disregard and leave the z order alone, thereby
drawing the foldercomp button and folder indicator on top of the
track index. Now your foldercomp button works, and the tracks dissappear like expected, but the track number of the parent is not visible. Well,
I guess it's kind of a tradeoff isn't it. Since you will be able to see
all the other track numbers, it should not be a problem. it's just one track. This is a common difficulty you run into when putting these 3
elements on the same line, and really, in this layout all 3 elements into
a 20-odd Px space. You may say well the way it is, I can see the darn button, why can't I push it!! Because the area of the track index element
covers it, and remember, the track index is set to be in front of the folder button in the code. the fact that you can see the foldercomp button is only due to the fact that the track index background is transparent.
There may of course be a number of other ways that you could remedy this but these 2 solutions (which aren't 100% solutions) allow a fix with minimal
time and work -- just unpacking the theme and adding a ";" to one line or another. Other remedies may include rearranging elements, resizing track
index area, and of course resetting index margins, etc., or even widening the track layout, which would be an even bigger can of worms.......

Stick with disabling the "front" command. Save RTConfig. Done.

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