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Default Deleting and fades

Well, it does say we can ask the most embarrassing questions in this category. So here goes.

I was watching a video lesson about cleaning up a project: fades at the beginning and end, crossfades between items and inserting silences where there are gaps.

I tried the fades at the beginning and end of the tune. This worked fine until I came to three lanes of back-up vocal at the end of the tune. (1st lane not used, second land used but parts discontinued where the singing is a bit off, third lane contains items that are in fact better versions of my slightly off-pitch singing). When I try to put a fade at the end of this stack of lanes (at the top, in the middle or at the bottom) the cursor stays the same and does not change into a fader tool?

The second question. In the lesson, to get rid of areas of silence the speaker creates an item (s at start and s at end) and then uses the delete key to produce complete silence in the box.

I placed two s's to make an item but when I pressed the delete key the box disappeared and all the following items moved into to take its place. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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