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Originally Posted by easton1 View Post
Kenny, your videos are great. But Reaper is a little like trying to learn to read and write with Chinese characters. There are some 6000 of them, each of which has a different meaning and function within different contexts.OF course once you learn them all, you're a Son of Heaven or Master of the Universe, or whatever passes for either these days.

I'm a newbie with Reaper and having a hell of a time-an old dog trying to learn all these new tricks so I can get on with turning all my previously published novels into audiobooks.

I'm findng it's real easy to mess up a vital project file, and if one sets Reaper to open on the last project, Reaper cannot open. Is there any way to hold down a key to open the program to it's defaults? Because then it would be easy to fix once one has access to the program. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't reset any config files already on the hard drive. The Cockos webmaster responded to that question with some vague instructions which I haven't been able to implement and I'm at my wit's end about what to do so I can get back to work on my different projects.
Try ctrl+shift when opening reaper
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