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Originally Posted by rain View Post
v6.24rc9 - February 27 2021
# Windows: fix 32-bit ReaRoute - and confirmed that it is fixed

v6.24 - March 2 2021
# Windows: 32-bit ReaRoute : Broken again

The fix from v6.24rc9 didn't make it into v6.24 ?

Edit - Workaround:
It is sufficient to extract rearoute.dll from reaper624rc9-install.exe and replace the v6.24 32bit installed Version.
Now even Reaper v6.24 64bit can receive 32bit-ASIO from ReaRoute as usual - as it was working before.
(For me it was always necessary to install both - 32bit and 64bit Reaper - to have ReaRoute working for both 32bit-ASIO and 64bit-ASIO ReaRoute Input)
Ah, thanks for pointing this out! Looking into why this is (it wasn't changed on our end between rc9 and final, but it is indeed different! the compiler did something unexpected...).
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