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Default REAPER ReWorked: An elegant and self-sufficient all-around REAPER configuration

This is an out-of-the-box REAPER configuration which should satisfy most DAW users. Whoever has tried REAPER, knows there is currently no better DAW on the market (functionality-wise at least) - its only problem is the user has to customize it extensively to have it truly shine. REAPER is great, but it being a Linux of DAW programs has made it pretty much reserved for tech savvy people only - up until now!

This is intended for people doing MIDI work and composing songs/soundtracks that want a DAW for linear music creation with standard MIDI functions available from most DAWs, recording if needed, importing and manipulating samples - standard songwriting stuff coupled with mixing tasks. My inspiration was FL Studio and Cubase and because both of these missed some crucial stuff like MIDI ripple editing, I've simply decided to rearrange REAPER for myself with the goal of creating a clean-cut and final product.

I believe REAPER ReWorked is best suited for people just starting out with REAPER because it simply has more functions than standard installation and it is not just all bashed together but ergonomically planned and tried in practice.


Current version: 1.361 (what's new) (manual)
Download full installer here.
Download update only here.


You can support the project by donating or buying the premium content which consists of:
  • More than 900 MIDI drum maps for a lot of popular instruments including Spitfire Orchestra, Native Instruments Komplete Series and many more.
  • A set of programs to convert expression maps and drum maps between REAPER, Cubase and FL Studio BRSO Articulate formats. You can also buy these separately here.
  • Example orchestral template project with more than 600 tracks and example mixer FX rack.
Please note that the configuration was tested and developed on Windows 10 x64. There is zero guarantee it will work on other operating systems.

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