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Dear MixMonkey, I adapted the quote in my post acccording to your corrections.

Since you mention the AutoMap function; is it correct to assume that activated AutoMap Sends in the prefs is responsible for automatic activation of the sends menu on startup of CSI?

So maybe I can deactivate AutoMap in the prefs, since there is OnTrackSelection MapSelectedTrackSendsToWidgets in the homeZone and a button assigned to ToggleMapSelectedTrackSends?

Will dig deeper into that matter and the FocusFX thingy in the evening.

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Using the FocusedFX method probably makes most sense with the single fader surface. It isn't really meant to work with the FX menu, though.

The usual way it works is with:
OnFXFocus MapFocusedFXToWidgets
in Zone Home and either the Auto Map Focused FX option turned on in the prefs or:
SomeButton ToggleMapFocusedFX
in Zone Home or Zone Buttons (if you have one)

"focusing" the FX usually involves clicking in an open FX window or on an FX name in an FX chain window. When the FX is "focused" the parameters map to the surface according to the relevant FX .zon file. The FX .zon file must contain:
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