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Thanks for the hint

I tried it with no names and since this didnīt work, all kinds of variations on the parameter names but those didnīt work either
Could be some difference between JS and Cockos Plugins, but thatīs just a wild guess.

The names of the FX parameters can be taken from the menues found under in the plugin param/FXlist.

Meanwhile two more questions came up:

- is there an action to open the routing/send menu,, like the FX menu?

- why does the LED of the button assigned to the two actions below
blink wildly?

Plugin ToggleMapFocusedFX
Plugin Reaper _S&M_TOGLFXCHAIN

Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
You're welcome, glad you got it working

Remove "Adjustment (dB)" and "Max Volume (dB)", leaving:

Zone "JS: Volume Adjustment" 
	DisplayUpper1 FXParamNameDisplay 0 "Adj"
	DisplayLower1 FXParamValueDisplay 1 "Max Vol"
   	Rotary1 FXParam 0
        Rotary2 FXParam 1
CSI only understands parameter numbers, the names are purely for human consumption
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