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Default [SOLVED] Does anyone here know what image "mcp_fxlist_off" is for?

I'm currently going through all of my background images and converting them to Affinity Designer vector files for future manipulation.

Image mcp_fxlist_off has me wondering, "what is it for?"

These are the other MCP FX List images, and what I know they are used for:-

mcp_fxlist_bg = Provides the background for the whole of the FX List area in the Extender Mixer.

mcp_fxlist_byp = When an Insert FX is bypassed this image can provide a different background colour just for the bypassed slot.

mcp_fxlist_empty = This is the image used when an Insert FX slot is empty.

mcp_fxlist_norm = This image is used for slots that contain an Insert FX.

All pretty self explanatory.

Is it possible to "turn off" an Insert FX slot? And, if so, how? And how would this differ to bypassing an effect?

Could this image be a legacy from older themes?


and thanks

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