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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
How odd.
Are you able to click on the area where the buttons are supposed to be and have them work?
If so, then the images are missing.
See the attached screenshot of the image files.
The button files are the ones selected.

as a test, I downloaded Reaper 5.62 x64 and x32 and made a portable install for both.
I downloaded the theme from Stash, unzipped it twice and copy it to the Color Themes folder.
It worked fine. see screenshot.

I looked around for a setting that would the transport buttons, but haven't found anything that would hide them.

Try making a portable install and testing with that.
Weird. OK, later today I'll do a portable install of Reaper and see what happens. Out of curiosity, as I've never used a portable version, is there anything much different versus a standard installation?
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