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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
Ooh, I wonder if it also works whilst editing? (will try later.)

By this I mean, if I was to grab an items left edge and move it, I wonder if I can trigger this whilst holding the left edge so I can very quickly hear the item's start point.
Yep, but editing while the shortcut is pressed in case you're using versions that solo item/track can be sketchy. Because these actions don't create undo points (it would be redundant and spam undo list) since they restore solo/mute state after shortcut release.
So editing something would make it possible for edit's undo point to take into account temporary solo/mute state - it really depends on which kind of undo point the edit does create (as long as it doesn't include track state it should be fine with track only versions...but if items are muted too then it could become a problem when editing items)
It seems that changing item edge works ok when soloing track only

If GetProjectStateChangeCount() API was working, I could use it to create undo points if something is edited for the duration of the playback - but unfortunately it's not working.

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