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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Not sure what I can do here -- I could go get a 5k imac, but from what I gather other people have them without this issue. I'll go in to an apple store in the next few days and see if I can duplicate.
Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Hm how is it if you turn off snapping?

Also: try exiting REAPER, temporarily renaming ~/Library/Application Support/REAPER to another name, running REAPER again (to get the very default config) -- does that affect things?
Justin, thanks for looking in to this! Snapping is off ... The choppy behavior is the result of the lag in GUI. I will try the suggested solutions. Sierra is a clean install, but I can try a pristine sierra USB install, boot from there and run a default configuration of reaper on it. I suspect it will not make a difference, but I 'm curious enough to try.

Edit: PS. I already did some testing with a clean Reaper library folder (made no change)
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