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Originally Posted by Joe Miller View Post
This is the same issue I've posted about previously, bad enough for me to retire Reaper to just editing jobs on the side. I'm not convinced this is specific to any graphics driver, I see the issues on Ati Mac Pro, Nvidia based Macbook Pro, and more recent Intel onboard graphics on Macbook Pro. The Reaper gui is always significantly slower than Windows, and in particular certain 'items' draw much slower than others, e.g. The playhead ruler is very slow and staggering, as is the counter/big clock, yet the audio meters on mixer channels are smoothly running at 60hz.

On top of this, Sierra has made this worse than ever (stopped at El Capitan here)

If I had to choose between 'actual retina support' and simply having Reaper run smoothly albeit with 'fuzzy-looking (non retina)' on the retina Macs, I would definitely choose smooth over the resolution thanks!

Previous posts about this issue:

Good to know I’m not the first who has a problem with a sluggish REAPER GUI… Maybe part of the ongoing “problem” is that Justin (who I hold in very high esteem) states: “My main computer is a 2012 retina MBP running sierra, and with a thunderbolt display. I can safely say that it performs very much adequately on either (or both) monitors…” I see a few more users responding, who are quite happy with the way REAPER performs, but I have yet to see a demonstration of REAPER that is not sluggish under OSX Sierra/Capitan… Especially compared with the way it runs on Windows. I presume people adapt.
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