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Default MOTU 8 Pre MOTU Traveler and RME FIreface UFX

I love the MOTU gear but I must admit it is a challenge getting the drivers working properly in Windoze.

The Traveler is very beautiful and low latency once it is going but I accidentally torched the FW card. Not to worry as I can run it through the 8Pre or the UFX by connecting by light-pipe or even use the analogue outs if I ever need to.

I have not had a moments trouble with the pres on RME or MOTU gear but then I love tweaking to get the most out of gear within its limitations. I do think that a lot of the fun of music is working your sound around what you have. Even crappy old PAs have a certain charm. In that context RME gear is just so transparent that it almost lacks a challenge. That is not to say it is perfect. It just works..... really well. I was looking at good stage mixers to operate by wire and so I could walk about a venue checking sound spots. Then I realised the UFX would do it all with the ARC USB. The newer models do this stand alone but what the heck. You often need a laptop there anyway.

If some of the junkie ice fiends in the dens of iniquity we play in knew how much I treasure my gear (and want to make passionate love to it) then they would probably hold it hostage until I paid the ransom of an emperor for its return. Nothing has ever been filched though. Astounding, or maybe the gear angels look after us.

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